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Cable trays are frequently cleaned and cleaned. Oil contaminated surfaces and other items can be cleaned with regular household cleaning agents. Do not use corrosive solvents, nor use Dishwashing liquid and electric wires for cleaning, so as not to leave scratches and affect the appearance.
If the stains are difficult to remove, they can be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene, diesel, toluene, xylene, styrene, acetone, etc. But after cleaning, it is necessary to immediately clean with water to prevent it from invading the internal structure.
When cleaning the cable tray, bamboo or plastic sheets with a hardness lower than fiberglass should be used for the cable tray, or a tool scraper should be used to prevent the tool from scratching the surface of the tray during cleaning. When washing, you can use soft materials such as sweat cloth, gauze, soft towel, soft foam, etc.
Fiberglass bridge beams should be cleaned of salt frost in a timely manner, and ships sailing in the sea area should be cleaned of salt crystals (salt frost) attached to the surface of the ship in a timely manner. Due to the convex lens focusing effect of salt crystals in sunlight, the surface of fiberglass cable trays will accelerate aging at high temperatures.
When designing wiring methods and routing options, distinctions should be made. They should not only meet the requirements of the specifications, but also consider the safety, scalability, economy, and aesthetics of the wiring, making it easy to maintain.
Shandong cable tray, as a carrier for various cable laying, belongs to the needs of wiring and should also be implemented according to the above principles. Due to the parallel intersection of various pipelines within the building, the space is limited, especially in large office buildings, financial and commercial buildings, hotels, sports venues, and other buildings, with dense information points.
In addition to buried pipes in floor trays and walls, cable trays are widely used in shafts and indoor ceilings to provide wiring in different directions. The various cables of the weak current system are distributed within the bridge according to their categories, and the selection and installation method of wiring should be based on the requirements of direction, combined with building structure, air conditioning, power, etc.
At the same time, metal partitions need to be used separately, and outgoing cables should try to avoid flat crossing. When the bridge passes through the floor slab, wall or Expansion joint, the corresponding holes and positions shall be marked on the architectural drawing to avoid temporary holes during construction due to negligence and damage to the civil structure. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference, the closure of the bridge should be considered in the design of the bridge. If there are any other matters, please come to our website http://sfcyhotel.com consulting service